Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting loaded

We searched for weeks for the appropriate vehicle for a two week trip for three people,   After checking out a small Cadillac, large Cadillac, Lincoln Town Car, cargo van.......we settled on this one for Marcella's and PJ's luggage...(Bob is taking a gym bag for his stuff.)

Of course, the gas mileage won't be 21 mpg, and the gas budget goes from $900 to $9,000, but what the heck.  We got all the necessary stuff that has to go!  The last bag is for the clothes.

Satisfied with his accomplishments, The MASTER PACKER stands astride his conquest.....

Tomorrow is the big day ..... departure. 


  1. Are we there yet?
    Ken and Yvonne

  2. So, where are you today?


  3. Sounds like fun. It's going to rain here all week. Envious of your sunshine!

    Love you guys.