Saturday, July 10, 2010

Leaving Leesburg

Well, it finally happened.  Budget Rent-a-Car checked out PJ's credit card and sent us a message that said "You can't afford to drive a Lincoln.  You can pick up your replacment vehicle at the pro shop in the Villages."  There seems to be a problem though.  It's only a two-seater and PJ is out now learning the 'jog-along-like-a-secret-service-member' routine so he can keep up with Marcella and me.  Luckily we brought a couple of umbrellas and we like blue.

The replacement vehicle

On a more serious note, here are PJ & Marcella waiting for the bus to church.

We went to say goodbye to Curly and Gene yesterday.  Here is a shot of Curly and Marcella.

Marcella's good friend Richard presented PJ with a stained glass creation as a token of his appreciation for bringing Marcella back to the area.  It is really special and PJ says "A Special Thanks to you, Richard".


Spent time in an area called 'The Villages' yesterday.  This must be the golf cart capital of the world.  They're everywhere......  People use them as transportation within 'The Villages' and there are dedicated paths and parking for the golf carts.

And finally, PJ has started searching for new digs in preparation for relocation to Florida --

p.s.  PJ says to tell everyone he is fine!!

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