Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Itinerary

July 3: Saturday          Drive to ?? (600mi 9 hours)
July 4: Sunday            Drive to Pensacola (350mi 6 hours)
                          Explore Pensacola                           
July 5: Monday            Explore Pensacola 
                          Drive to Apalachicola (163mi 3½ hours)
                          Lunch/dinner at great Aplachicola restaurant
                          Drive to Leesburg (260mi 5 hours)
July 6: Tuesday           Leesburg visit
July 7: Wednesday         Leesburg visit
                          (Leesburg>Tampa (82mi 1½ hours))
July 8: Thursday          Leesburg visit
July 9: Friday            Leesburg visit
July 10: Saturday         Drive to Brooksville (47mi 1 hour)
                          (B)L)unch w/Lynn&Deb      
                          Drive to Cape Coral (175 mi 3 hours)
July 11: Sunday           Boat                                       
                          Visit Kathy                            
                          Drive to Naples (35mi 1 hour)
                          Cove Inn
July 12: Monday           Boat
                          Cove Inn
July 13: Tuesday          Boat
                          Cove Inn
July 14: Wednesday        Breakfast w/Chris
                          Drive to Ocala??
July 15: Thursday         Drive to Pamama City/Destin??
July 16: Friday           Drive to KC 
July 17: Saturday         Sleep

                                   *All activities and schedules are subject to change at the whims of the participants