Saturday, July 3, 2010


After all the work last night (loading the box truck), we decided it really wasn't the right thing to do. A lady like Marcella deserves a classier ride than sitting in the middle of a box truck's cab. Besides, where would we carry the snacks. So this morning, PJ went on a search mission and (after promising who-knows-what to various car rental counter personnel) he came home with the vechicle shown here.

This fits Marcella's style much better. SO.....we unpacked everything, repacked everything and guess what.....everything fit in the cavernous trunk of the TownCar.

We loaded up and headed to St. Louis. Left town about 10:00 am. Bob did a stupid thing just before leaving -- dropped the GPS and broke the power cord. He tried to fix it, but it kept falling apart. We can't drive all over like we want without a GPS!! Either fix that one or get another one. It couldn't hurt to try to fix it, it was already broken. The solution appeared in a dream so we went to Walmart in Columbia, MO and walked directly to the automotive section and picked up a replacement part, did some shade-tree mechanic'n and voila !! a working GPS.
The Hillbilly fix

The next challenge aflicted PJ and Marcella. They spent about 4 hours trying to kill a Kansas fly. Apparently it got in the car while loading, flaunted its presence frequently and was beginning to enrage a couple of passengers in the car. It finally succumbed to the 857th swat with a folded 'Living Aboard" magazine to the relief of PJ and Marcella. No other insect has the lack of sense to set foot or wing in this car.

Right now, we are about 50 miles south of Memphis -- headed to Jackson, MS, then Hattisburg, MS, then Mobile, AL, then Pensacola. We will probably stop in an hour or two for the night, getting to Pensacola tomorrow some time.  Note:  PJ is driving and doesn't know when to quit.  Heck we might end up in Naples before stopping!!  lol

Driving this car is very nice. Doesn't wear you out like some...... And it rides good, too. That's another story --

A little background -- Marcella has always wanted a Cadillac, but never owned one. So, PJ reserved a Cadillac 2-3 months ago. We finally got around to checking the size of the Cadillac, and were very disappointed in the interior size and trunk space. This was last week. Panic ensued. He searched all rental agencies, but could not find a large Cadillac. He finally got Budget Rent-a-car to reserve a Lincoln Towncar -- plenty of space. When he went to pick up the Lincoln this morning -- Budget said 'Oh, we don't guarantee a specific car, just a class of car.' Their 'equivilant' of the TownCar was a Volvo (not big enough to carry two adults). Using his persuave personality, PJ finally found a TownCar at another Budget location, took the Volvo over there and traded for the TownCar. Bless his heart -- he was going to make sure Marcella would enjoy this trip. My hat's off to him.....

p.s. PJ wants everyone to know he is fine!!

I'll report more tomorrow when we have more to report.......Bob

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