Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Itinerary

July 3: Saturday          Drive to ?? (600mi 9 hours)
July 4: Sunday            Drive to Pensacola (350mi 6 hours)
                          Explore Pensacola                           
July 5: Monday            Explore Pensacola 
                          Drive to Apalachicola (163mi 3½ hours)
                          Lunch/dinner at great Aplachicola restaurant
                          Drive to Leesburg (260mi 5 hours)
July 6: Tuesday           Leesburg visit
July 7: Wednesday         Leesburg visit
                          (Leesburg>Tampa (82mi 1½ hours))
July 8: Thursday          Leesburg visit
July 9: Friday            Leesburg visit
July 10: Saturday         Drive to Brooksville (47mi 1 hour)
                          (B)L)unch w/Lynn&Deb      
                          Drive to Cape Coral (175 mi 3 hours)
July 11: Sunday           Boat                                       
                          Visit Kathy                            
                          Drive to Naples (35mi 1 hour)
                          Cove Inn
July 12: Monday           Boat
                          Cove Inn
July 13: Tuesday          Boat
                          Cove Inn
July 14: Wednesday        Breakfast w/Chris
                          Drive to Ocala??
July 15: Thursday         Drive to Pamama City/Destin??
July 16: Friday           Drive to KC 
July 17: Saturday         Sleep

                                   *All activities and schedules are subject to change at the whims of the participants


  1. Sounds like such a blast!

    I hope you guys have nothing but wonderful weather and a fantastic journey with tons of memories to share!

    We'll be thinking about you! (and wishing we were you!)

    Take lots of pictures!


  2. You changed the itinerary font! Now it is much easier to read.

    I hope you all have a GREAT time on your adventure. It sounds like fun!


  3. I am completely green with jealousy. I hope you guys have a totally wonderful time!

  4. We will be following your blog (with envy)!! Take care of our Lady!! Have a GREAT Time. See you in November!! (See you Cella in September!!! North Padre awaits!!)
    Love you each,
    Ken & Yvonne

  5. A panel truck?

    Way to upgrade!

  6. Enjoyed your visit. Next time I'll pay more attention to the car you are wonder PJ was winded. And I am glad that PJ is just fine.